Friday, January 13, 2006

Austin, TX: Day One (continued)

A northbound view on South Congress which terminates at the State Capitol there in the distance. This is SoCo. Funky little shops and restaurants line both sides of this street that slices through the trendy heart of South Austin. Jamye and I landed at Doc's Motorworks to kill a couple of hours before our first appointment. She had a Stella and a Lone Star. I had two Shiner Blondes. We played Shuffleboard. I won. Handily.

Last night we went to Opal Divine's - Penn Field, where I had a bowl of Texas Chili and a pint of the local Live Oak Pilz. Jamye had the Divine Quesadilla (which she shared with me) and a Live Oak Ale, we both annihilated a basket of Cracked Pepper Fries served with Dill Ranch. I ordered a Fat Tire Amber to put out the fire from the Chili, and after finishing that, we headed straight back to the hotel and crashed. Long day. I even left out one of the funniest parts, but maybe Jamye will fill y'all in on that.

It's Friday morning (Day Two), and Jamye just woke up alittle while ago. We're going to look at a few houses with the realtor we met with yesterday at Shady Grove. His name's Ward. I'm sure you'll be hearing more about that later.



Danny said...

Are you guys moving to Austin? Is this because of Texas winning the Rose Bowl?

JamyeO said...

We sure are taking a stab at it.
Although, it actually has nothing to do with football. In fact, all of the national championship talk and ego and burnt orange is just as gag-inspiring as the Vols can be sometimes. BUT. We like Austin. Change of pace.
Please come visit.