Friday, November 30, 2007

Ramblings from the last day of November

So I work in a 7-story building with about 500 other people. Most of us are in cubes. The people in the cubes want a cube with a window. The people in the cubes with a window want an office. The people in the offices want a bigger office. The people in the bigger offices want a corner office. The people in the corner offices want to retire.

I wear a badge which I sometimes leave at home. When I do that, I have to sign in at the front desk, because somebody needs a record of the people who forget their badges. There's been an armed security guard in the lobby the last two days because someone in the building had been threatened by somebody outside the building... somebody without a badge. Today, I left my badge in yesterday's pants.

My cube is full of tabloid-sized printouts of pages from the Student and Teacher's editions of my company's Elements of Literature textbook program. They call these printouts digitals because printouts doesn't sound jargon-y enough. In fact, my spell check doesn't even recognize digitals as a word.

I use a Dell at work. It's great for spreadsheets, word documents and email. I get a lot of emails. People like to send emails. Emails cover your @$$. If you want that corner office, you have to cover your @$$. My spell check recognizes @$$ as a word.

I don't use my home computer much lately other than to pay bills and check more emails. Tonight I'm finally using it to blog. So there.