Sunday, February 25, 2007

Oscar Update, 8:43pm

Ok, I've already dozed off twice.
Even though I really, really enjoyed Will Ferrell, Jack Black, and John C. Reilly...and that dance troupe is pretty cool, I do believe that this is the most boring. Oscars. EVER.

Didn't they used to sprinkle the technical and Shorts, etc. throughout the evening?
I mean, it's a quarter till 9 and we've only seen one major category: Best Supporting Actor. And upset Eddie Murphy, Alan Arkin did.

Oscar Update, 7:23pm

What the??
Granted. For the past 5 years--busy with an actual PARTY--I guess I haven't noticed what a waste of 30 minutes this opening part to the Oscars is.
WHY ON EARTH do they have a huge yellow signature board for nominees?
This isn't a wedding where the guests get to sign the engagement anouncement photo so that the wedding couple can fondly recall who attended.
I mean, WE ALREADY KNOW who's showing up, right??

But, I must say, Cate Blanchett and Helen Mirren actually GLOW.

It's the 79th Annual Academy Awards and [what would be] our 6th Annual Oscar Party!!

And you're invited!
Gonna be there??

Jono's declared an ass-trouncing again this year, as I have only beaten him once--in 2003, our 2nd Annual Oscar Party/Tracy and Jody's wedding shower at the Blue Moon (a moment of silence...). And speaking of Blue Moon; Jono wore his Blue Moon closing-night-tee last night to La Zona Rosa to see Old Crow Medicine Show.
A concert which, indeed, trounced ass.

We'll see you tonight!