Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Make that 12 professional major victories and 51 PGA Tour wins for Tiger Woods.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Jack Nicklaus is a whiner.

He is the greatest champion of all time, so why does he feel the need to grouse about how he could have been better? Tiger Woods will eventually eclipse The Golden Bear's accomplishments on the golf course. Woods has won 50 times in his first ten years as a professional golfer (compared to 73 career wins for Nicklaus), and he's already amassed 11 major victories (seven shy of Nicklaus' professional major record). Now Nicklaus feels the need to qualify his milestone by saying he has attempted to lead a balanced life in deference to trying to win more tournaments.

Maybe he's bitter because his career tournament winnings are a fraction of Tiger Woods'. For example, Nicklaus earned $15,000 for his 1962 U.S. Open victory compared to Tiger's $1.4 million for his recent win at the British Open. Thank God that Nicklaus Design has built over 200 courses worldwide (most of them exclusive or very expensive or both), otherwise he'd be in the poorhouse. Arnold Palmer designs expensive courses too, but he is a lovable ambassador for the game of golf with an affable personality. Sometimes The Golden Bear seems more like a mean old Grizzly.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

What I'm readin'.

I've hardly been able to put this down since I bought it on Saturday, but a book this jaw-dropping almost demands to be read in small... um... bites in order to fully... ur... digest it all.

It's truly fascinating. Shocking, but fascinating.

Here's my favorite review blurb from the opening pages:

"God strike me dead before I consume another fast-food product..."

You can read that review in its entirety HERE and two more articles about the book and author HERE. There's a lot more to be googled as well. You can also check out the upcoming film based on the book which is directed by Austin's own Richard Linklater HERE.

So, next time you're in Austin and are craving a fast food burger and fries, I'll direct you to THIS PLACE, and if you're in California, you probably already know to go HERE.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Hittin' the Trail

The warning signs are there. I'm becoming an addict, a Town Lake Trail junkie, and I have the blister on the back of my ankle to prove it. Jamye's jealous. You see, I've been out there without her twice since we went this weekend for the first time. I'm getting good use out of my iPod and its accompanying MarWare armband though, and most importantly I'm back on the trail (pun intended) to losing weight after a couple of months of substance abuse. The substance in question being queso, of course.