Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What the Cuss...there's a blog here??

Eee-youch. As we approach the 7-month mark of posting on our blog (my cut-off mark for deleting blogs I normally keep up with is 1 year--1 year, no post, sorry 'bout ya, bye), I figured we needed to get on the stick. So, at the behest of our readers (ok, at Christian's behest), I've decided to do a short posting of movies of 2009.

Now granted, we never did get around to seeing some of the acclaimed ones, like Up, or The Hangover, and we've yet to see Up in the Air, Avatar, Sherlock Holmes, Nine, The Road, etc, but the following are my Top 5 Favorite Movies of 2009 (Top 10 lists are too long--not to read, just to come up with).

Mind you, this is not a list of award-winning proportions or deep, cultural meaning...it's simply of the Top 5 movies I enjoyed getting lost in the theater to. Pure popcorn enjoyment.

5. Terminator 4 (aka: Terminator Salvation)--Ah, the rise of the mighty Sam Worthington (and Bryce Dallas Howard rocks too). Oh yeah, and some guy named Christian Bale was in it as well.
4. Star Trek--lens flares! Beastie Boys!
3. Zombieland--perfect use of the cameo.
2. Fantastic Mr. Fox--Wes Anderson finds his niche.
1. District 9--best sci-fi flick, hands down.

My Top 5 Least Favorite Movies of 2009:
5. 500 Days of Summer--I just had no patience for its contrived usage of young-life love and love-lost...then new love-found.
4. Paranormal Activity--those two were so completely annoying that I couldn't wait for one of them to get killed.
3. Transformers 2 (aka: Transformers: Rise of the Fallen)
2. Jennifer's Body
1. New Moon

I didn't actually see those last three, but I'm pretty sure if I had, I would have hated them.
(It's probably just coincidence that Megan Fox was in two of those).

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Christian Crowe said...

yippy thanks for posting! I love it.