Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Overheard in Texas

3.11.2008, KUT traffic report, 5:30pm

"Loose cattle, rather, one large bull, in the road on Highway 71E. If you are traveling towards Bastrop and are anywhere in the vicinity of the Hog Wild Bar & Grill, be on the lookout for a few hundred pounds of pot roast on the hoof in the median."


mark's tails said...

TAG! six word memoir meme. It's been so long since you posted I was hoping this would bring you back out.

JamyeO said...

You know, I just so happened to look at the blog...
And you'll have to elaborate.
You mean you want my life story in 6 words?
How 'bout less? ;0)

mark's tails said...

rlbates at suture for a living has a very good explanation and examples
but you have the jist.