Saturday, October 14, 2006

You Call That Music???

On occasion, I like to lay in bed on a weekend morning and catch VH-1's Top 20 Countdown.
You know...I like to keep my hand in.
But when Brooke Hogan (yep, daughter of Hulk) and Paris Hilton and even Weird Al Yankovic (although, at least his lyrics are usually kind of creative) start appearing on the charts, it makes me want to break the TV. (And DON'T EVEN get me started on Nickelback. What Crap!)

Now, HERE'S a group that's making some creative ear-candy.

This local Austin duo is called Ghostland Observatory and they will ROCK YOU.
And I'll have more on them later.
Until then, stop voting on that crap, Nation! You're officially On Notice!

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