Monday, September 04, 2006

Another version of the Chicken and Egg Debate.

Ok, ok, ok. I know you've been wondering, because I have too. It's been a little over 3 months since Jon and I moved to Austin and I began working at the University of Texas. And now that school has started back and the sidewalks are literally CLOGGED with wide-eyed undergrads and already-jaded graduate students, faculty and the ever-present-sometimes-maladjusted staff, my hopes and dreams of going just one day without seeing SOMEONE wearing burnt orange have been dashed to pieces.
And then there's THIS. For a non-native Texan it's a bit confusing on the onset (Heavy Metal and all things Ozzy, Satanism, right?) Yes, true. BUT it's also the "Hook 'Em Horns" UT pep rally unifier. It's also School Spirit! And in a state where you've got nothing unless you've got your state pride, it only stands to reason that there would also be overwhelming amounts of school spirit.
Apparently a hand gesture brought about by the imagination of a cheerleader by the name of Harley Clark in 1955--which actually predates heavy metal music, but unfortunately not Satanism.
And NOT to be confused with the Corna or the American Sign Language symbol for "I Love You."
You'd be AMAZED. It's everywhere.

Fans do it.

Students do it.

Kids do it.

Random people do it.

Famous people do it.
(Yep, that's McConaughey--it was cold out that day--he had to keep his shirt on--drats.)

Leann Rimes does it.
(A native Mississippian and current resident of Nashville, TN, but Whatev.)

Even George Foreman does it.

Only trouble is: it's apparently a little offensive in other cultures and can be mistaken for a symbol of infidelity.
Which is what makes these next pics so darn amusing.

But I digress...

Don't get me wrong. It's great to have school spirit. But at one of the nation's largest universities it's a tad overwhelming and well, shocking. Rather, over-the-top and annoying. Especially since it's so fun to actually do--so natural to the fingers. Especially for one who never really had any school spirit. C'mon--Band Geek from a small hometown where my every Friday night for 4 years was dictated by the high school football team and we had to sit on the track next to the field so it wasn't like we ever got to really watch the games--it just resulted in a lot of missed X-Files episodes.
And the college I went to didn't even have a football'd you expect??
At any rate, Hook 'Em Horns!


mark a said...

Funny and yet sad at the same time.

JamyeO said...

: )

mark a said...

OK how's this..will they be able to play OSU this weekend with 2 of their players arrested?

JamyeO said...

Oh Man! That's hilarious.
BOOK 'Em, Horns?
"Unnecessarily TASERED"??!?!?!?!
What on Earth??
Thanks for the tip.

Formerly Pat said...

welcome to the state o hand gestures ... aTm, tech, baylor, tcu and tx st all have them as well. but none is as cool as the horns'.