Thursday, April 27, 2006

The 2006 NFL Draft

Saturday is one of the most exciting days in professional sports. Unfortunately, I didn't realize it until this year. Perhaps it was because, as they say, I didn't have a dog in that hunt, but this year, Vanderbilt's Jay Cutler is my dog. I can see him going to the Arizona Cardinals as the tenth pick in the first round. Actually, I'd be fine with him going to several different teams, but please, Lord, don't let him end up in Baltimore, Oakland or Detroit.

Also, the Titans are picking third, and since McNair looks to be on his way out, they'll almost assuredly be taking Vince Young or Matt Leinart. I think they want Vince, but here's another scenario. The Titans give up their third pick for a couple of extra picks, say, in a trade with Arizona. Then, the Titans could take Cutler and get another offensive lineman or inside linebacker. Who knows? All I know is my DVR is set because we're going to be in Corsicana, TX this weekend, but I'll be out at the Corsicana Country Club to watch the first couple of hours before Fred and I tee off that afternoon. I'm kinda hoping we get rained out. Then I can sit, play cards and watch the draft. We can always play golf on Sunday.

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Loopty Lou said...

It's Sunday, you played your golf. It's time for you to come home now.